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Take your time to play Book of Ra online for free. Just start the slot beneath and have fun! Enjoy this slot as many times as you like.

What is Book of Ra?

Millions of fans wont ask this question, but there still are people, who don't know Book of Ra. Because of that, this website will explain the rules of the game, it's myth and the best ways to win.
Basically, Book of Ra is about 9 different symbols, which have to be strung together. The playing field is divided into 15 panels, which are placed on 5 drums. When the player starts a game, the drums start to spin. After they have stopped, the panels are analyzed and when there are at least 3 identical symbols strung together, the player wins.
The amount won depends on the kind of symbol. Each one of them has a specific valuation, which usually complies with its rarity. Common symbols like the "Jack" and "Queen" are not as valuable as the "Scarab Beetle" or "Statue" symbol. The highest value symbol in the game is called the "Explorer". Upon hitting five explorers, a return of 5000 times the bet stake is awaiting the winner.

Book of Ra feature games

In addition to nine "normal" symbols, there is a special one as well. It is called the "Book of Ra" and since the whole game is named after it, there has to be something very special about it. Well, the symbols does have two traits, that can change the outcome of each round.
Firstly it has the ability called "Scatter", meaning it does not have to be strung together to be counted. The scatter-symbol will hit everywhere on the panels, so it just has to show up somehow.
Secondly, the Book of Ra symbol will trigger "feature games". Entering these games is the ultimate goal of Book of Ra, because not only are they free of bet stake, but the chance of winning is also very high. To trigger feature games, the player needs to hit a least 3 scatter symbols. Whenever this happens, the system will randomly pick a normal symbol and turn it into a "feature symbol", which will last until the final feature game is over.

After transforming there are two distinctive features, which are added to a former "normal" symbol. Firstly it inherits the "scatter ability" and secondly, it will spread across the whole drum during point calculation. In other words, the feature symbol will hit very often and the return is multiplied by five. Additionally, feature games can be won again during the process. So it is possible to get 100 feature games and more. Since every prize won is being multiplied by five, the highest possible return is 25.000 times the bet stake. This requires hitting five "explorers" during feature games, which has happend many times before.

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